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Some things are older than the test of time. Ever heard that expression? The only thing we take from it is time is old, and some things are older. How that can be we’re entirely unsure, as time is the oldest thing out there. But in any event, anytime something is inserted into this phrase you can be sure we’re talking about something that is indeed, old.

Wigs are one of those things. Wigs, you exclaim? Yes, wigs, those things you place over your hair, or lack there of it, to produce a different look altogether. The wig has been around since ancient Egypt, where both women and men sported them at occasions of every type. Made from sheep’s wool, vegetable fibers and of course human hair, the type of wig you rocked was a clear indication of your social status. Coming to the party with bunny hairs was different than say a stately llama doo. For the Egyptians, there were a host of benefits to shaving their heads and using wigs. First, it was very uncomfortable with the heat trying to maintain an impeccably sculpted hair-doo. Second, lice were rampant, and as such no hair meant … no lice! Lastly, wigs protected you from the sun in ancient Egypt. Skin cancer didn’t exist. Well, it did, and would simply kill you as nobody could diagnose it. But the heat from that sun was real and hurt enough that the wig was used to block out deadly rays.

By the time we get to the 17th and 18th centuries wigs are everywhere. Louis XIII from France went bald prematurely and used a myriad of wigs to hide his shiny dome. Louis XIV took it a step further and was renowned for his style and expert use of the wig. Another memorable royal who appreciated a good wig was neighboring England and Queen Elizabeth I. The Queen had lavish wigs custom-made and would typically go to France to show these bad boys off.

Nowadays there are a plethora of wig stores out and about. But many have navigated online, like for example. This outfit hit the world wide web in 2007 and people freaked. YouTube bloggers picked up on their wigs as did a host of others. More than their wigs perhaps were the photos and quality they could show online with their wigs. Their frontal lace wigs are made from virgin hair (no jokes here), is 200% hair density (that is good), and you also get a celebrity stylist affiliation program thrown in for free! is for the more discerning wig connoisseur, the person who will purchase more than one wig at a time with an eye on showing said headpiece off in different scenarios. WigTypes started out with brick and mortar stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn and then went digital. You can find a mind-numbing 10,000 different wigs here as well as hair styling tools.   

These two sites should be your first stop. There are plenty of wigs out there, some older than the test of time. Test them out, your head deserves it! Protection Status

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